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3 Reasons to Buy Properties, Not Stocks, With Your Investment Dollars

I hear it so often, people want to find a way to bring in a steady profit without too much risk. It seems to be a constant weighing game of trying to figure out where the breaking point of risk meets reward. Here’s why you should consider buying properties, not stocks, with your investment dollars:

1) People will ALWAYS need homes to live in! Whether you rent it out or sell it, your property is likely to make a sizable profit as the demand for housing continues to increase throughout southern California.

2) ANYONE can use real estate as an investment tactic! You don’t need an advanced mathematical analysis degree to figure out stock market trends. All you need is a knowledgable real estate agent you can trust to do the research and paperwork for you. If you’ll be renting the property out, your agent can even take care of that aspect. The best part? As a buyer of property, agent services are FREE to you! That’s right — ZERO dollars out of your pocket.

3) You BEAT inflation at its own game! Real estate is known to keep pace with inflation, meaning that your rental income or property value will increase at the same rate. The stock market doesn’t have this advantage as stock prices tend to rise much slower than housing which is directly related to inflation.

via 3 Reasons You to Put Your Money in Real Estate (NOT Stocks).


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This entry was posted on January 14, 2016 by in Investment.

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