The OC Housing Specialist® Ultimate Guide to Buying, Selling, & Renting in Southern California

RENT vs. OWN: Buying Saves A LOT on Taxes

Renting or buying has never been more important in making the choice because the great home price collapse of the last few years has brought the two almost to parity. … Continue reading

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19 Documents You Need to Buy a House

Keep in mind…these are just some of the required documents. Fortunately, your real estate professional will keep you in the loop. Below are 19 must-have documents that both buyers and … Continue reading

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2016: OC ranks Top Tier for Safest Cities in America

Two OC cities, known to be affordable and family-friendly, have been ranked in the top 10 safest cities in America, according to Neighborhood Scout. Neighborhood Scout provides research data about cities … Continue reading

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Down Payment/Closing Fee Assistance

There are more options for financial assistance than I can address in one post, simply because each municipality, city, county, state, employer, association, etc. has their own set of offerings. … Continue reading

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How much do I need for a down payment?

This is often one of the first questions my serious clients will ask. While there are many variables affecting the answer, the decision is ultimately up to the buyer and … Continue reading

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Relocation: Which OC City is Right For You?

  You’ve debated about relocating, perhaps it is for work or simply for pleasure. Orange County crosses your mind. Endless summer. Pristine beaches. Beautiful homes. Where else can you drive 15 … Continue reading

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NoCal Vs. SoCal: Buying South Can Save You Money

When you buy or sell a property, there are fees that must be paid by the buyer and/or seller, but who pays for what? The answer to this question varies. There … Continue reading

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DIY Staging Tips To Sell Your House (& Save Money)

Interested in updating your home or staging on a budget? Here are a few tips for common home issues: Brick Fireplace Use a rag to rub a coat of light paint, … Continue reading

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Small Space Storage Solution

Today’s helpful tidbit is brought you via I’m Busy Procrastinating: Design solution: Wall baskets for bath linen storage. With just a couple of baskets and nails, you have found a great wall … Continue reading

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Sell Your Own House: Is ‘For Sale By Owner’ For You?

Let’s say the houses in your neighborhood are selling for $600,000. And let’s say the real estate commissions you’ve been quoted in your area are 6%. That’s $36,000 you are going … Continue reading

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